• Our vision is to create an environment where students better understand themselves and others. Through our education, we hope to address the biggest mental health and well-being challenges.


  • The Department of Psychology aims to help students understand how people think, feel, and behave through research and teaching.
  • We want to create a diverse and inclusive community of experts who can use their knowledge to improve mental health and well-being.

Asst.Prof. Ms.Sakshi Sanghavi

  • The Aim of the department is to provide students with essential skills while fostering a broader societal impact through their understanding of human behavior and mental processes.
  • We encourage students to develop critical and independent thinking skills, particularly in the realm of psychology, enabling them to analyze and address complex psychological issues.
  • Through our academic programs, we empower students with a strong foundation in psychology, instilling ethical values and a commitment to public service and making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities.
Ms. Sakshi Sanghavi
MA. Clinical Psychology.
Ms. Muskan Shaikh
MA. Counseling Psychology, NET JRF