Department of Financial Markets


The Financial Markets is a course intended for students who aim to make a career in financial sector. Students in this course learn the fundamentals of equity market, debt market, commodities market, derivative market, banking, accounts and more. The syllabus emplhasises on introducing and explaining the key concepts of each subject area to develop candidates’ practical knowledge and skill sets.

The qualification is relevant to a wide range of job functions and areas which includes – Organisations involved in both the sell-side and buy-side of the industry plus insurance, accounting, IT firms supporting the industry, banking sector and more

Faculty :-

Prof. Kunal Soni

Coordinator, Assistant Professor
M. Com, M. Phil, MFM, NET

Prof. Priyanka Prasad

Associate Professor
M. Com, B.Ed

Prof. Mary Vini

Associate Professor
M.Sc., B. Ed

Prof. Ashwin Bhandurge

Coordinator, Assistant Professor
B.E (Computers), M.B.A (Banking Management), MH-SET (Management)

Prof. Swapnil Sonawane

Associate Professor
M. Com

Prof. Karishma Grover

Associate Professor
M. Com, PGDM (Event Management)

Prof. Samiksha Nalawade

Coordinator, Assistant Professor

Prof. Bijini Sajilh

Coordinator, Assistant Professor
M.A. (Economics), B.Ed

Prof. Shifa Khan

Associate Professor
M. Com, SET

Prof. Pournima Relekar

Associate Professor
M.Com ,SET

Prof. Aqsa Khan

Associate Professor
M.A. (Literature)


We believe in developing not only technical skills but also soft skills of students. Job market demands a 360 degree development of an employee and we understand and implement teaching methods which trains a student for the practical world outside.

Students of Financial markets were handed an Offer Document of Mutual Fund and were asked to interpret the clauses in their own way

Encouraging and guiding students to participate in intra and intercollegiate events, workshops and seminars

Periodic Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings are conducted to update the student’s academic progress to the parents

Conducting presentations on data extraction and data analysis with respect to the university syllabus.

A psychological and physiological development is essential for the students for which we conduct yoga sessions

Encourage Students to organize inter collegiate and co-curricular events

SWOT analysis for students and helping them to overcome their weakness


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Faculty Name Books Authored with ISBN Books Edited with ISBN Chapters in Books with ISBN Seminar Proceedings with ISBN Publication with Impact Factor Publication without Impact Factor
Prof. Kunal Soni 7