• “Empowering through Education”


  • To impart updated technical education and knowledge.
  • To enhance innovations, problem solving skills, leadership qualities and team spirit.

Mr. Lalit Tyagi

Welcome to the department of Economics at Maharshi Dayanand College, Parel, Mumbai. The department works with the vision and mission of the college. Perhaps even more important is our incessant commitment to our students, helping them to learn, grow, and develop.
The Department of Economics has 4 faculty members and more than 1000 undergraduate students.The department was established in 1963 and since its inception the department has helped numerous students to create inclination towards economics.
The department faculty work with excellent team spirit in different specializations like Microeconomics, Macro economics, Public Finance, Development Economics, Monetary Economics,International Economics, Indian Financial System, Financial Economics, Indian Economy,Maharashtra Economy, Business Economics etc.

The department strives to provide a conducive environment for the students to develop analytical and practical skills and apply them to real world problems. To motivate the students the department organizes various finance related programs and regular industrial visits. We welcome you to the Economics Department as undergraduate students and we hope to be part
of your success.

It is generally believed that it is the students who derive benefit by working under the guidance of a professor. In reality, the professor benefits equally by his association with gifted students working under him.
C. V. Raman

Mr. Lalit Tyagi
Associate Professor
M.A., M.Phil., NET
Dr. Saujanya Jagtap
Assistant Professor
Ms. Swapnali Jangle
Assistant Professor
Ms. Harshika Mahakal
Assistant Professor
NET, SET, MA (Eco)