Department of Computer Science


The Department aims at providing quality education in Computer Science through graduate programme. Highly qualified professors with recent teaching techniques define our department.

The Computer science department of this esteemed institution came into existence in 1999-2000.

Every year this department aims in overall development of the students to meet industry needs. Teachers are constantly devising interesting methods such as expert lectures, presentations, workshops, certificate courses and seminars. Students are encouraged to do projects in latest technology and as per industry standards under the guidance of teachers. Students are also motivated to take interest in co-curricular activities of the department and the college.

The Department has shown steady progress in College results as well as University results in past years. Department also actively participate in other administrative activities of the college.


  • “Empowering through Education”


  • To impart updated technical education and knowledge.
  • To enhance innovations, problem solving skills, leadership qualities and team spirit.

Faculty :-

Mrs. Pallavi V. Mirajkar

M.Sc. (Computer Science), Ph.D. (Pursuing)
UG :12 Years ,PG :3 Years

Ms. Priyanka Jadhav

Assistant Professor
Msc.(Information Technology)
UG: 5 Years

Ms. Vairavi Vanniyar

Assistant Professor
Msc.(Information Technology)

Mrs. Hiteshri Shritavde

Assistant Professor
MTech - CSE

Ms.Nivedita Tiwari

Assistant Professor
Msc (Computer Science)


  • 2012-2017
  • Intercollegiate Event Vista-
  • Vista is an inter-college festival organized by the department annually. The main aim is to encourage and enhance the student’s growth through various technical and non- technical events like quiz, LAN games, BOX cricket, carom etc. Students participate and take interest in full-fledge to make the event success on hike. The event is more focused on inculcating communication skills, team work, management skills and leadership quality. Major contribution of the students and professors has passed the success torch forward year after year.



Mrs. Pallavi Mirajkar

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