• “Empowering through Education”


  • To impart updated technical education and knowledge.
  • To enhance innovations, problem solving skills, leadership qualities and team spirit.

Asst.Prof.Shrinath Shankar

The Multimedia and Mass Communication Program, affiliated to the University of Mumbai, at Maharshi Dayanand College prepares the students for a wide variety of careers in the advertising industry, public relations, journalism and advanced study by making them better equipped to grasp the complex relationship between communication/media theories and a diverse set of individual, social, and professional practices.

The Department houses some of the best creative minds who will be future journalists, photographers, designers, ad and filmmakers. Students join this course with a variety of interests and goals. They don’t simply like to think creatively; they also like to live creatively. After examining all sides of media, the department offers students plenty of possibilities to grow and succeed in their chosen field. The department of mass communication has developed into one that is thriving, energetic, and always passionate.

Mr.Shrinath Shankar
Asst. Prof. & Coordinator
M.A (Hons) Literature, P.E.T, D.H.R.M
Ms.Sakshi N. Temkar
Asst. Professor
Ms.Ankita Singh
Asst. Professor