• “Empowering through Education”


  • To impart updated technical education and knowledge.
  • To enhance innovations, problem solving skills, leadership qualities and team spirit.


The sharing of understanding and knowledge of the various subjects, furnishes Commerce students with essentials for their livelihood – choreographing business Balance Sheets. It is merely a prelude to acquiring and honing the elusive life-skills, which shall eventually lead to maturity & enrich the Balance Sheet of life.

Dr. H.O.Sharma
Vice-Principal (Commmerce)
B. Com, C.A,Ph.D
Mr.Mangesh Nigudkar
Assistant Professor
M.Com, B.Ed, NET SET
Dr.Kunal Soni
Associate Professor
M.Com., M.phil, M.F.M ,NET ,Ph.D
Ms. Komal Mondkar
Assistant Professor
M.Com, SET