Program Outcome, Program Specific Outcome, Course Outcome

Program Outcome

BA Arts Faculty Programme Outcome

  •  Knowledge in the field of social sciences, literature and humanities makes   students developsensitivity towards social issues.
  •  Students acquire communication and presentation skills to become   employable in the job market.
  •  The B.A. graduates get acquainted with the social, economical, historical,   psychological,political, ideological and philosophical tradition and   thinking.
  •  The program empowers the graduates to appear for various competitive   examinations or choose the post graduate programme of their choice.
  •  It enables the students to acquire knowledge with human values framing   the base to deal with
    various problems in life with courage and humility.
  •  Multidisciplinary perspective develops in students which contribute to the   knowledge capital and become proactive citizens.
  •  Students will apply the knowledge of the respective domain of knowledge   and specialization to the solution of complex problems in professional,   social and personal life.


  • The Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) course is designed to provide competencies in basic commerce discipline as also impart requisite skills in problem solving, leadership, communications, decision making in organizations with appropriate subjects covering vast areas.
  • It Enables learners to get theoretical and practical exposure in the commerce sector which includes Accounts, Commerce, Marketing, Management, Economics, and Environment etc.
  • Develops communication skills and build confidence to face the challenges of the corporate world.
  • Enhances the capability of decision making at personal and professional levels.
  • Makes students industry ready and develop various managerial and accounting skills for better professional opportunities.
  • Develops entrepreneurial skills amongst learners.
  • Strengthens their capacities in varied areas of commerce and industry aiming towards holistic development of learners.
  • The course structure definitely equips the students to accept the challenges of globalization and constant change and enables them to be well placed in business, academics and administrative world.

BSc Program Outcome

  • To develop skills of systematic observations, model making and theoretical
  • To develop analytical skills and understanding abstract concepts.
  • To think critically and to use appropriate concepts in problem solving.
  • To understand various phenomenon in nature.
  • To be innovative.
  • To develop research ability.
  • To understand career opportunities in science & amp; technology.