Students Council is a appex body of every college.

Students Council consists of representatives of all faculties and classes .

Students Council is a bridge between students community and college manegement. It also communicates between students community and students welfare section of University of Mumbai.

University of Mumbai as per Maharashtra Vidypeeth Act has fixed certain norms for formation of students council.

Members of students council are selected on their merit.They are the students who have secured highest marks in their respective classes and faculties. Best cadets from NCC(Boys and Girls) swell as Best Volunteers of NSS (Boys and Girls) are also members of students council. Best student performer in cultural programme and drama are also part of students council.

Students welfare section (Vidyarthi Kalyan Vibhag) of University of Mumbai sends timetable and programme for election of students council.College has to held election according to the timetable ,following all rules and regulations.

Students representives elect one University Representative who represents the college in students welfare section of the University.

Students council meetings are held monthly. It is headed by Principal of the college and a few staff members are also invited for the meetings.Members of the students council communicate their needs, problems and suggestions to the Principal and staff members in the meetings.

M.D. College students council took initiative in organising an intercollegiate workshop on "Role of Students Council". Dr.R.A. Khan (Registrar,University of Mumbai), Mr.Sunil Mhatre (Executive TCS), Mr.P.N.Pabrekar (NSS coordinator Maharashtra State), Mr.Ajit Joshi (Teacher, Satheye College of Management) ,Mr.Rajesh Vishe (IAS Officer,Raigad Dist) were invited to guide the members of students council from various colleges.

Students council members participated in Personality Devolopment Workshops organised by college.

Students Council members presented their PPT on the topic " Women Leadership in India"

A few members of students council also participated in Leadership Devolopment Programme organised by Sakal Daily Newspaper.

Students Council helped in organising Degree Certificate Distribution Cerimony . They also helped in organising campus interviews and career guidence programmes.


  Name Class   Name Class
Mr.Kapil Kori SYBsc (Computer Science) Mr.Sairaj Daingade SYBsc (Computer Science)
Ms.Samruddhi Pandav SYBsc (Computer Science) Ms.Sneha Naikwadi TYBsc (Computer Science)
Mr.Rahul Utekar TYBsc (Computer Science) Mr.Deepak Patel TYBsc (Computer Science)
Mr.Rupesh Ingle TYBA Mr.Akshay Lawand TYBA
Ms.Manasi Jadhav TYBA Ms.Sonam Patil TYBA
Ms.Tejal Patil SYBA Mr.Digambar Pote SYBA
Ms.Kasturi Gaikwad SYBA Ms.Reshma Naringkar SYBA
Ms.Sanobar Gadiwan SYBA Ms.Soumina Mhaiskar SYBA
Mr.Ramchandra Dholam M.Com Mr.Kamesh Ghadigaonkar TYBCOM
Ms.Aparna Lad TYBCOM Mr.Bijjo Rahul SYBCOM
Mr.Manthan Nimbre SYBCOM Mr.Chetan Padye SYBCOM
Ms.Krutika Shelar SYBCOM Ms.Poonam Phagare TYBsc
Ms.Jyotsna Patil TYBsc Ms.Ashwini Kadam TYBsc
Mr.Shreyas Patade TYBsc Mr.Vaibhav Narvekar TYBsc
Ms.Charushila Gode SYBsc Mr.Anish Gawde SYBsc
Ms.Darshana Lad SYBsc Ms.Snehal Wagh SYBsc
Ms.Priyanka Sutar SYBsc Mr.Vira Pranav Nalin TYBBI
Ms.Meghana Barve SYBBI Ms.Pooja Nangonkar SYBBI
Ms.Snehal Manjrekar SYBBI Mr.Bhushan Vartak TYFM
Ms.Prarthana Wadkar TYFM Ms.Dhanashri Patkar TYFM
Ms.Payal Rathod SYFM Ms.Anjali Yadav SYFM
Ms.Sakshi Hadkar SYFM Mr.Sankalp Patil BMM
Mr.Tanveer Jadhav BMM Ms.Shreya Suhas BMM
Ms.Suchitra Shinde Cultural Team Mr.Abhijit Pawar Cultural Team
Mr.Yash Pawar Natyangan Mr.Omkar Parab Natyangan
Mr.Rohan Redekar NCC(Boys) Ms.Samita Mankar NCC (Girls)
Ms.Rewati Tembulkar NSS Ms.Ragini Ubhalkar NSS
Mr.Rahul Pawar NSS Mr.Sidhesh Chavan NSS
Mr.Sidhesh Chavan NSS Mr.Sohan Taral NSS
Ms.Simran Mungekar Sports Mr.Shubham Suryavanshi Sports
Ms.Rutuja Bandiwdekar Sports Mr.Abhishekh Budula Sports


On Monday, i.e. 21st August 2017 an event was organized by student council of Maharshi Dayanand college Parel. The aim of the event was to create the awareness among the students regarding with "How to celebrate the Ganesh Utsav and effects of pollution on the environment!". The theme of the event was based on the Eco-friendly Ganesha and the event name was "Ha Awaj Konacha!". The event started with essay and poster competition in the morning by 8 am. The duration of the competition was 1 hour. After the competition, the main event started by aarti (prayer) of lord Ganesh in the foyer of the college. After the prayer, all the students gathered in the mini theatre in the college for the workshop, presentation on eco-friendly Ganesha. In the presentation, the members shown the small clips to the students which were based on the theme of the event. Each clip contains various messages for the students on how to celebrate Ganesh Utsav and the effects and types if pollution done by humans during the festival. A discussion round was held to interact with the student and the round was a successful as there was a good response from the students and the members of college who were present. A workshop was organized in which the students were taught how to make eco-friendly Ganpati and the main benefits from it. And, how to make decorative articles for lord Ganesha using papers or recyclable articles. After the workshop prize distribution for essay and poster competition was started. During the distribution, the judges gave few tricks to the students regarding with essays and posters and a good message which was convey by the students in their poster. The event was re-organized on the same day for the junior college in the evening. The event got the good response by the student on that day. The students shown their participation in gaining the knowledge from reality and outside the textbook which was the one of the best attempt by them.