Notices of Academic Year 2018-19

Seminar / Workshop Notices

⇒ The IQAC has organized one day seminar on "Teaching & Learning" on 24th Sep 2018

⇒ Workshop on "Issues related to pension" on 21st Sep 2018

⇒ Guest Lecture on "Theories of Management" for FYBI & FYEME will be held 10th Sep 2018

⇒ Dept of Mathematics organizes a series of workshops "Drive towards your goal"

⇒ Science Circle organizes a lecture on Scientic temper, Critical thinking & Basic Research on 30th Aug 2018

⇒ Seminar on Big Data Analysis on 24/08/2018 by Comp Sci Dept

⇒ Youth Festival on 13th August 2018

⇒ Science Circle has organized a lecture on 'Nutrition & Health' on 7th August 2018

⇒ CHELAS : Laboratory Safety Workshop organized by Chemistry Dept. on 4TH August 2018

⇒ Blood Donation Camp organized by NSS Unit on 3rd August 2018

⇒ Guest Lecture for SY & TY BAF on 2nd August 2018

⇒ Guest Lecture for TYBCOM BI & EME on 28/07/2018

⇒ Technology Buzz - Comp Sci Dept organizes session for FYBCOM students on 26/07/2018

⇒ Remedial Lectures for F.Y.B.Sc.(Comp.Sci.) Sem-II ATKT

⇒ T.Y.B.Sc.(Comp.Sci.) Ex-students experience sharing programme

⇒ Zoology Dept. is organizing a workshop titled "We are programmed to be happy" on 18th & 25th July 2018.

⇒ Programme for "Aashadhi Ekadashi" is organized by Marathi Vangmay Mandal on 23rd July 2018

⇒ Seed Sowing under "Operation Greenery" will be carried out on 18th July 2018 in the Botany Lab.

⇒ Dept. of Physics has organized visit to Nehru Science Centre for the Moon Landing Day Celebration on 19th July 2018

⇒ NCC Unit is organizing One Day Intercollegiate Seminar titled "Pathway to Success" on 17th July 2018.

⇒ Environment Ambassadors/Nature Club - A workshop on "Paper bag making" on 14th July 2018