Internal Quality Assessment Cell

Internal Quality Assurance Cell was established in the academic year 2003-04 and functions on the basis of the guidelines set forth by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).

IQAC controls and monitors the implementation of the academic plans. All activities of the college are approved through IQAC. IQAC facilitates and recommends up gradation of teaching Learning Resources.

IQAC conducted workshop on Use of Smart Boards, Digital attendance system to introduce use of ICT in teaching Learning. IQAC has arranged a seven day Research methodology workshop for research students.

  1. IQAC meetings are held monthly.
  2. IQAC committee designs the teacher diary, makes changes as necessary, gets it printed, and prepares different formats like attendance register, TARS and other reports for the year.
  3. Academic calendar is prepared after inputs from the department, extra & co curricular programs, exam schedule.
  4. Teacher diaries and lesson plans are collected.
  5. TARS forms are filled up. Feedback is given to teachers.
  6. Continuous feedback in teaching learning is taken.
  7. Need for advanced teaching devices (ICT related) are identified.
  8. Innovation in teaching methods are discussed and deliberated upon.
  9. All HODs check teachers diaries reviewed by Vice principals and Principal.
  10. Academic internal audits are organized. External auditors are invited. Every department does a presentation on curricular and co-curricular activities, suggestions are given for improvement.
  11. Action plan for the next year is invited and SWOC analysis is done.